Saturday, October 21, 2006

Real Democrats

Hi guys,

I'm going to talk about two kinds of Democrats today.

The first Democrat is a real Democrat. A real Democrat is someone who is not afraid to buck the system or rally for change. A real Democrat does not care that he is in the minority. After all it was Jesse Jackson who said "an unorganized minority is a political majority"

A good example of a real Democrat is Ned Lamont

Ned Lamont decided to challenge Joe Lieberman because he was SICK of Senator Lieberman being Bush's lapdog and calling it bipartisan ship. Ned Lamont was angry that Joe Lieberman had played it SAFE and voted for the war against Iraq.

Ned Lamont started out in the early spring. Noone gave him a chance in HELL of winning. One poll had him down by 46%. Ned Lamont did not care about the polls.

Ned Lamont cared about the issues. He cared about the people of his state. Lamont utilized the help of bloggers(like you and me)

Ned Lamont led a people powered revolt and in 5 months he had chipped away a 46% hole into a 52% win! Lamont had captured anger in a bottle. He used that anger to give "democrat" Joe Lieberman a wake up call. That is how Ned Lamont became the nominee. He is currently in a tight race but he prooved anything can happen!


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